Dutch Oven Pork Recipe

One of the best Dutch oven recipes. This recipe uses the Dutch oven mostly as a big skillet rather than as an oven. So bear in mind that the distribution of briquettes is different but easy.


1 tub barbecue shredded pork [KC Masterpiece has a 20 oz tub; Lloyd’s has a 32 oz tub. 20 oz is sufficient; if you get Lloyd’s only use half of it]
2 medium onions – chopped
1 large green pepper – de-seeded and chopped
1 pkg cream cheese, 8-oz
1 15-oz can black beans, well drained
1 16 oz jar salza
1 8-oz package grated cheddar cheese
1 pkg. burrito mix
1 TBS salt 3 TB’s cooking oil
1 pkg. large flour tortillas [like eight 12″ tortillas]
15 instant briquettes [about 1/3 of a 4lb bag]


Fire up about 15 briquettes.
While briquettes are igniting, peal and dice the onions, and dice the pepper.
Oil the Dutch oven.
Dump the onions and peppers into the Dutch oven and cook over all the hot briquettes until the diced onions and peppers are limp.
Now add shredded pork, beans, salt, and one half of the burrito mix. Stir and heat.
Now add all the eggs. You can break the eggs right into the Dutch oven, yokes and whites [but not shells!].

Now for the crucial operation: vigorously stir in the eggs, both mixing the whites with the yokes and mixing both with all the rest. Keep stirring, being sure the mix does not stick to the bottom. Pretty soon the eggs will start looking like scrambled eggs, but they should still be moist.

Right now, while things are still a little moist, sprinkle the grated cheese on top – don’t stir in.
Quick, put the Dutch oven lid on, for about two minutes, until the cheese is melted a bit.
Next, remove the Dutch oven from the coals; the contents are ready to serve right from the oven.
Take the lid and place it on the coals UPSIDE DOWN. Place the tortillas on the lid, one or two at a time, to warm up. Finally, spread cream cheese on each tortilla, then serve up the concoction on each tortilla.

Scouts can add salsa to taste.

HINT: Orange juice goes great with burritos. A 16-oz frozen can serves eight. Don’t forget the hot chocolates or coffee.

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