Dutch Oven Recipes

Dutch Oven Recipes

Here is the Dutch Oven Recipes list. You find recipes for camping and outdoor: beef, chicken and pork main dishes, soups, stews, chili, and even desserts. Three problems are present with trying to use Dutch Oven Recipe for backpacking: size, weight, and recipe servings.

The size of the Dutch Oven takes physical space in the pack or strapped to the outside. Weight is dead weight on your pack.

Many of the traditional Dutch Ovens from aluminum or steel weigh quite a bit. Cast Iron Dutch Ovens are not suitable for backpacking. But cooking in aluminum is not healthy and Dutch Oven Recipe does not be traditional. Also, aluminum Dutch Ovens are subject to wider temperature variations. They heat faster, cool faster, and if a high wind fans the coals, an extremely high temperature can be achieved very quickly and actually melt the aluminum.

Recipe servings are usually for groups of 6 to 8 and may have to be reduced for smaller groups and smaller equipment.

Types of Dutch Ovens

There are basically two types of Dutch Ovens: indoor and outdoor (camp and kitchen).

The distinctions between the two are:

  • Camp Dutch Ovens have legs and flanges
  • Kitchen Dutch Ovens do not have legs and flanges.

A traditional Dutch Ovens for Dutch Oven Recipe are also cast iron. Sometimes they may be a glazed style, but they are still cast iron.

Both styles of Dutch Oven also have a “tab” molded into one side to hold onto while tipping it to serve, drain or clean.

Camp Dutch Ovens are designed to sit above charcoal or an open fire, hence the legs to provide airflow to coals or fire underneath. They are also designed to place coals on the lid to provide heat to the top and sides of the oven, hence the flanges. Flanges around the top of the lid keep the coals on the lid from rolling off. Stacking One big advantage of cooking with camp Dutch Ovens outdoors is that the legs and flanges lend themselves to stacking the Dutch Ovens when cooking.

By stacking a few Dutch Ovens, you can cook for very large groups easily and have everything ready at the same time!
Stacking also saves charcoal as the heat from each oven rises to heat the next higher one. Stacked Dutch Ovens cook very fast, use fewer coals all the way up the stack, about 8 on the bottom and 8 on each lid as you go up. The coals on the lids heat the top of the oven below and the bottom of the oven above.

Don’t stack more than 5 high and always use reasonable judgment depending upon the firmness of the ground surface, nearby activity and other considerations of safety.

Dutch Oven Recipes list

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